[Computer-go] Board Sizes

David Ongaro david.ongaro at hamburg.de
Mon Jan 7 06:38:38 PST 2013


why this discussed in a computer go list? Anyway before this mirror go myth discussion continues I prefer to add my 2ct.

Am 07.01.2013 um 09:08 schrieb Ingo Althöfer:

> Go is traditionally played on boards of odd sizes (9x9, 13x13, 19x19, ...)
> and almost never on even ones (10x10 or 18x18 ...). What are the reasons
> for this?

Go really isn't "traditionally" played on 9x9 and 13x13. They where introduced in recent times to make teaching easier. The traditional board sizes are 17x17 and 19x19. The reason for odd sizes is simple: even sizes lag a tengen which is quite an important point for symmetry and philosophical reasons. A Go board lacking the "center of the universe" isn't really a universe (= Go Board). 

A "virtual" point symmetric point doesn't count. And symmetry is quite an important aspect in chinese philosophy. I know, Japanese like asymmetry more, that's the primary reason why they got rid of the traditional 4 stone setup, but they won't get so far to dare to remove the center of the universe.



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