[Computer-go] The Sixth UEC Cup and Denseisen

村松正和 muramatu at cs.uec.ac.jp
Tue Feb 12 03:07:07 PST 2013

Dear Remi,

Thank you for pointing out the errors. We will fix them soon...

 Best Regards,

 Masakazu Muramatsu

2013/2/12 Rémi Coulom <Remi.Coulom at free.fr>:
> Dear Muramatsu-sensei,
> Thanks for informing us of the registration procedure. I have just submitted my registration form.
> Just a quick note: I had an error message in Japanese when I submitted a message that was too long. With the little Japanese I know, I could understand 大きいすぎます. It might be better to translate this error message or allow a longer message.
> Also reference to section 1-4 of the rules should be 1-3.
> I am looking forward to the tournament.
> Rémi
> On 7 févr. 2013, at 12:15, 村松正和 wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Finally, the web page of the 6th UEC Cup Computer Go Tournament is open!
>> Please check at:  http://jsb.cs.uec.ac.jp/~igo/eng/
>> Registration is also open now.
>> We have a big CHANGE in the UEC Cup this year.
>> Below I excerpt some information on change of the 6th UEC Cup, but do not
>> trust the information too much; Please read the web page CAREFULLY
>> by yourself before you submit your registration form.
>> Any question directly to me or uec.igo at gmail.com is welcome.
>> In the case, however, please be patient to wait my response for 2 or 3 days;
>> recently I'm so busy that I cannot respond quickly.
>> I'm looking forward to seeing you in UEC, Tokyo.
>> Best regards,
>> Masakazu Muramatsu
>> --
>> ---Excerpts from the UEC Cup web page---
>> Prizes: the 1st winner: 30,0000 yen, the 2nd: 10,0000yen, the 3rd: 5,0000yen
>> Important dates:
>>  Deadline for application of grant of travel expense: Feb. 18th
>>  Deadline for participation submission: Feb. 28th of 2013.
>>  UEC Cup Tournament: Mar. 16th and 17th
>>  Symposium: Mar. 18th and 19th
>>  Denseisen: Mar. 20th
>> 1. There will be held matches between the first- and second-prize
>> winner of the UEC Cup
>> and a professional Go player. This event is called Denseisen. Between
>> the tournament and Denseisen,
>> we have a symposium on game informatics ( however, the title of the
>> symposium is
>> something like `cognitive science and entertainment'...)
>> 2. We set three categories of programs, and each participant must
>> declare which category
>> his/her program falls in.  See the web page for the exact definition
>> of these categories.
>> Below I give some informal idea of them.
>> Any Category A program should be `original and robust',  who wants to
>> play at Denseisen
>> if it wins the UEC Cup. In particular, the ability to manage handicap
>> games properly is required.
>> Category B program should be `original', and it can proceed to the
>> second day final tournament
>> to win the UEC Cup. However, even if such a program wins the UEC Cup,
>> it cannot proceed to Denseisen.
>> Category C program should have some  original device, but can use
>> some legal copies of other programs.
>> Any program of this category is not eligible to proceed to the second day.
>> So, again, I warn you to read the definition of the categories before
>> you submit registration form.
>> 3. We have a (very limited) amount of grant of travel expense for foreigners.
>> Please submit application form if you want the grant before the end of
>> Feb. 18th.
>> Note that if one receives the grant, then he/she should give a
>> one-hour lecture at the symposium.
>> --
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