[Computer-go] Scoring a go board.

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Mon Feb 11 22:22:42 PST 2013

>>(3.) Count the score in a game that is still being played. 

> For your third (3) case I again see not what the difference is...
> surely at any time during a game of go, three passes can be made and the
> game can be scored...

What is the correct answer you're looking for in the case where both
players pass before the first move is played?

The proposals that involve a random element have a large variance in
this case. Is that okay?
Or, if you say the answer is zero to each player, plus komi, then that
is clear and unambiguous, but there is no similar approach for cases #2
and #3 that I see Nick later posted.
Or, if you say the answer is (say) 7 points to black (before komi) as
that is what it would be if the game was finished with perfect play by
both sides, then that is a fine answer that is always clear and
ambiguous, but unfortunately rather hard to calculate.

Case 3 forces you to choose between mostly inaccurate, mostly
inapplicable and mostly intractable :-)


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