[Computer-go] Prizes of UEC Cup

村松正和 muramatu at cs.uec.ac.jp
Thu Feb 7 03:31:46 PST 2013

Dear All,

In the previous mail, I wrote that the prizes are:
 1st, 30,0000 yen; 2nd, 20,0000 yen; 3rd 5,0000 yen.
The position of commas are according to Japanese counting way of numbers.
It is pointed out by Okazaki san that in the Western country, they use:
 1st, 300,000 yen; 2nd, 200,000 yen; 3rd 50,000 yen.
I like to correct it. Thank you, Okazaki san.

 Best regards,

 Masakazu Muramatsu ; muramatu at cs.uec.ac.jp

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