[Computer-go] practise bot-bot matches

Lukas van de Wiel lukas.drinkt.thee at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 02:00:38 PST 2013

Dear all,

together with a friend and former colleagues I am building a go AI.
The basis of the AI is almost finished and we have tried playing a
game on KGS between myself and although the AI was still worthless at
the time, it sort-of worked.

A basis MCTS engine will be finished this week and adding various
things we hope to be clever we hope to increase its playing strength.
We would like it to compete on KGS bot tournaments as well, in the
future. However, we wish not to slow the whole tournament down by our
ignorance of the procedure.

Is there documenation on how such a tournament works? Is there the
possibility to play a practise match against another logged-on bot,
such as the 29 handi gnugo bot, or another? (Although we have yet no
hope of an outcome other than being slaughtered, it is just to get
experience in the working of bot-bot matches).

Thanks a lot and best regards!

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