[Computer-go] Measuring program strength

Hiroshi Yamashita yss at bd.mbn.or.jp
Fri Aug 30 23:53:49 PDT 2013


I think 700 playouts is maybe small.
When I got 60% against GNU Go with 10000 playouts, I could get 50%
 with 5000 playouts. Now I get 60% with 400 playouts, but I need 350
 playouts for 50%. So I have switched to selfplay, it is a bit
 doubtful though.

I think tree selective ability is more important than playout quality
 in small playouts like 700.

Hiroshi Yamashita

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> Hi,
> I will try to fish for some secrets:)
> Up to now I always was able to measure oakfoam improvenment by playing
> against gnugo.
> (700 playouts against gnugo level 10 and 300 playouts against gnugo
> level 0)
> But now we seem to be at a strenght, that makes this not very sensitive
> anymore. I can change parameters,which have significant effects on
> regression tests, but do not change playing strength against gnugo
> anymore. I included fuego and pachi at a playing level playing 50%
> against gnugo, but this only improved the sensibility a little.
> How do you handle this problem?
> What do you think is the reason?
> Thanks a lot for any secrets:)
> Detlef
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