[Computer-go] 9x9 result in Olympiad

Aja Huang ajahuang at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 07:10:49 PDT 2013

2013/8/14 Petr Baudis <pasky at ucw.cz>

> > Aya           1   1   0   0   1   1   1   1   0    6    4
> > Amigo     1   1   1   0       1   1   0   1   0    6    4
>   I'm curious about Amigo - has this program seen any new recent
> development? As far as I remember, this used to be a rather old and weak
> program, and its sourceforge page does not show any radical new
> development, does anyone have any details on this?

That was my question as well, and if you ask Wu (the creator of connect-6)
the same question he would give exactly the same answer "Amigo (or HappyGo)
is still a rather old and weak program". :)

Recently Amigo successfully scaled up to multiple threads. And that is not
only few threads, but hundreds of threads realized by a quite recent
technique (or an old one resurrected with a different name?) so called
cloud computing which is to distribute different processes (even threads?)
to many different nodes, kind of similar to cluster computing. To myself,
Amigo is strongly announcing to the whole computer Go community that the
era of cloud computing is coming. many details are still not clear, but we
can optimistically expect the report of the competition or their coming
papers (or the main author Ting-Fu Liao's master thesis

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