[Computer-go] Congratulations to Zen!

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Sat Sep 15 19:59:13 PDT 2012

In Round 2, 
>Hideki Kato now began to suspect that his cluster was suffering from 
>low voltage (all its machines depend on the power unit of its main 

Sorry for letting you confused but the "voltage" above meant the voltage 
of the processors (cores) of the main computer.
#Since I'd overclocked the processors (two Xeon X5680s) their core 
voltages must be crefully tuned to balance their stability and heat.
#Silicon FETs can work faster on higher voltages in general.


Nick Wedd: <5054A46A.7070606 at maproom.co.uk>:
>Congratulations to Zen19S, winner of the Slow KGS bot tournament which 
>ended ten days ago!
>My report is at http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/past/S12.2/index.html and I 
>look forward, as usual, to receiving your comments and reports of 
>errors.  I apologise for the long delay in uploading this report.
Hideki Kato <mailto:hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp>

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