[Computer-go] A question on seki scoring in Japanese rules

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Sun Sep 9 09:30:35 PDT 2012

On 09.09.2012 17:29, Erik van der Werf wrote:
>>> Once you get to the scoring phase every stone in the seki should be
>>> assumed alive (even if, e.g., it has only one liberty). It is up to the
>>> players to decide which pieces are dead
>> This answer does not hold for Japanese rules in general.
> The first line or the (partially quoted) second line?

Both sentences. J1989, double ko seki, the ko stones are dead. J1989 or 
WAGC: the players do not have free choice to decide but they must 
determine status according to the rules.

> Anyway, it is meant as advice for programming a Go bot.

Don't use Japanese style rules.

robert jasiek

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