[Computer-go] Oakfoam's New Website and Builds

James Watson gbm0dns at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 09:21:32 PDT 2012

Hello Francois,

I'll echo Terry's comments, the web interface is very elegant - CSS3 
allows for some very aesthetically pleasing designs and I look forward 
to future developments with great interest.

I did notice that if I used the undo button I had to reset the white as 
being controlled by the engine, the undo  button seems to have the 
effect of setting the engine colour to 'None'.

On 01/09/2012 02:12, terry mcintyre wrote:
> Thanks, Francois van Niekerk - I enjoyed playing the game. I rather 
> like the web interface - it is compatible with a variety of platforms. 
> I played one 19x19 game as black, won by resignation. I am 6 kyu AGA.
> I did not see any method for saving the game in the web interface? Did 
> I miss something?
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