[Computer-go] Practical significance?

Kahn Jonas jonas.kahn at math.u-psud.fr
Mon Nov 26 15:09:19 PST 2012

>> I would imagine that "practical significance" depends on the absolute
>> level. Between two beginners 23% means little as it can be overtaken
>> by a day's study. Between top-professionals it probably means the
>> difference between a legendary 9p winning many top-title tournaments
>> and a 9p who never wins a top title in his life.
> Good point about the stability of rank. But is a 62:38 ratio enough to
> claim that kind of difference? If they play 20 title matches a year,
> over a 20 year career, isn't that enough for them to get the winning
> streak required to win some titles?

That's not too far from the winrates between Cho Hunhyun and Seo
The latter is far from the glory of the former, but when they were by
far the two strongest players in Korea, Seo has won his share of titles.


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