[Computer-go] Zen beat Ha, Yongil 5p with 4 stones (Re: TAAI details?)

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Sun Nov 25 14:31:01 PST 2012

Thank you Hiroshi.

The names of the players are swapped, sorry all.

The games were:
1) Ichiriki 2p (B) vs Zen,
2) Ohashi 5p (W) vs Zen,
3) So 8p (B) vs Zen,
4) Ichiriki 2p (W) vs Zen,
5) Ohashi 5p (B) vs Zen,
6) So 8p (W) vs Zen.

The time setting was: 20 min main time and 30 second for every move (no 
extra byo-yomi).  Chinese rules and 7.0 komi were used.  Zen's hardware 
was 4 pc cluster (12, 6, 6 and 6 cores) at 4 GHz, same as TAAI and 
Zen19D/S on KGS.

Professinals used much longer time than Zen; more than 20 min in four 
games of six while Zen used 10 or 15 min for all games.  Sometime they 
thought more than 5 min (upto 10) for a move, move 11 of the first game 
for example.  On the first game, Zen would play J4 (hane) next at move 
16 (cut) but actually played G3 and went into "Sekito-shibori (two stone 
edge squeeze)" course.  Either showed about 80% winrate but Ichiriki 
2p said J4 could lead a safer win for W.  Actually Zen had sure chances 
to win; hard luck.

Zen had chances to draw in some games in Black but selected much 
risky (actually losing) moves.  I guess this caused by implementing 
draws by adding a third value, 0.5, to UCB.  To play a draw 
move, all better looking moves (by prior) have to be refused, or proved 
worse than 0.5.  This could take pretty long time in some positions.  
#Faking komi to 6.5 might help but a better solution possible?


Hiroshi Yamashita: <313F02D8CF2F41D6AD89D1A42486DD59 at x60>:
>>> The game records can be downloaded from 
>>> http://entcog.c.ooco.jp/entcog/event/kifu_20121125.lzh .
>> I can not read that format. Can someone please translate it into
>I changed it to zip.
>I was impressed So Yokoku 8p comment,
> "Zen is apt to make a mistake when we make two places that may
> become ko. It makes game complex. Actual playing ko makes game simple."
>> Didn't it win the first game?
>Sgf's player color is wrong. Black is Ichiriki 2p in first game.
>Zen lost all 6 games.
>Hiroshi Yamashita
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