[Computer-go] Zen beat Ha, Yongil 5p with 4 stones (Re: TAAI details?)

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Fri Nov 23 04:26:15 PST 2012

Dear all,

Hideki Kato: <50ad8eb2.4264%hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp>:
>Also, there will be a professional (Ha, Yongil 5p in Kansai Ki-in; 4 
>handicap) vs Zen game at Nov 23rd (a holyday for workers) on KGS, as an 
>event at Neyagawa Shogi and Igo Festval.  I don't know the detailed 
>schedule but the reharsal will start at 1 PM JST (UTC+0900) on KGS.
>http://www.igoshogineyagawa.org/ (in J)
>Ha 5p: http://kansaikiin.jp/profile/cgi/profile.cgi?id=hayonniru (in 

Zen won the event game against Ha, Yongil 5p by resignation.  Settings 
were: Japanese rules, 4 handicap stones, 0.5 pts komi, 30 seconds for a 
move with no main time (time was counted locally due to the lag by an 
agent for Ha pro).  The hardware for Zen was the same as for TAAI (a 
4-pc cluster, all run at 4 GHz).  The link to the game record is 
http://files.gokgs.com/games/2012/11/23/ZensGuest-Zen19S-5.sgf .

Hideki Kato <mailto:hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp>

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