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Dear Ingo,

Zen's settings are nothing special.  Zen19S these days runs on a cluster 
of four desktop computers, a dual Intel Xeon X5680, Intel i7 3930K, 
Intel i7 980X and Intel Xeon W3680, all run at 4 GHz.  The cluster 
paralellization code has been, though, improved a little since the match 
vs Takemiya 9p in March.

BTW, the official announce of "Denseisen" has been released. 
http://entcog.c.ooco.jp/entcog/densei/ (in J) and
a pdf file for press. 
http://entcog.c.ooco.jp/entcog/densei/Release20121120.pdf (in J)

Denseisen is the name of a serie of (handicap) games between 
professional players and computer players under the contract between 
Nihon Ki-in (Ichigaya, Tokyo) and UEC (The University of 
Electro-Communications, Chofu, Tokyo).  The contract is valid for five 
years.  Note that Denseisen is an "offical" serie.

#For Denseisen.  The "den", "sei" and "sen" mean electric or electronic, 
saint and match, respectively.  Similar to well-known "Kiseisen", in 
which "Kisei" means a saint of Go (or Shogi) where "saint" suggests 
almost the God level.  Historically, there is a word "Kensei" where 
"ken" and "sei" mean sword and saint.  The title "Kensei" is used 
for the very excellent swordmen for long years in Japan and is still 
well known.  Hence, "Densei" is created as the title for very excellent 
computer Go players.

The first match will be held on March 20th, 2013 (a Spring holiday) at 
UEC.  Two games are planned.  The professional player for both is Shuho 
Ishida 24th Hon'inbo (Yoshio Ishida 9p).  The computer players are 
the 1st and 2nd places of the Sixth UEC Cup, which will be held on 
March 16th and 17th, 2013.  Handicaps will be studied after the UEC 

Nihon Ki-in: http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/index-e.htm
UEC: http://www.uec.ac.jp/eng/

The latest info of the comming events this week:

The 9x9 match (six no-handicap games between three professinals and Zen) 
on Nov 25th will be broadcast on Niconico movie (http://live.nicov
ideo.jp/watch/lv115455271 (in J)).  The first game will start at 10:20 
AM JST (UTC+0900).
http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/news/2012/11/_2_2.html (in J)
http://entcog.c.ooco.jp/entcog/event/event20121125.html (in J)

Also, there will be a professional (Ha, Yongil 5p in Kansai Ki-in; 4 
handicap) vs Zen game at Nov 23rd (a holyday for workers) on KGS, as an 
event at Neyagawa Shogi and Igo Festval.  I don't know the detailed 
schedule but the reharsal will start at 1 PM JST (UTC+0900) on KGS.
http://www.igoshogineyagawa.org/ (in J)
Ha 5p: http://kansaikiin.jp/profile/cgi/profile.cgi?id=hayonniru (in 


Ingo Althöfer: <20121120184313.167250 at gmx.net>:
>during the TAAI 2012 conference several exhibition games
>between pro players and top bots were played.
>Here seem to be the sgf of the games on 19x19:
>Zen - two games won with handicap 4 (against 9p Chun-Hsun Chou)
>Perhaps Zen should get some shot with handicap 3 in next year.
>ManyFaces - one game lost with handicap 4 and one lost with handicap 5
>Aya - one game lost with handicap 4, one game one (on time) with handicap 5
>Can the programmers please give some detail information?
>Thanks in advance, Ingo.
>PS-1. It seems that the time setting (45 min sudden death) can lead to
>desasters ... Perhaps for future events some (mini) byoyomi might
>be a good solution.
>PS-2. Nick Wedds list also shows some forthcoming events.
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