[Computer-go] TAAI details?

Stefan Kaitschick stefan.kaitschick at hamburg.de
Wed Nov 21 01:16:18 PST 2012

That's my impression too. It feels like Zen is slacking his way to the
4 stone wins.
3 stones will be a lot more interesting imo, as we will probably get
to see some of the famous zen attacks. It's probably not a good idea
to try to recruit well known players for the first 3 stone games.
Takemiya must have felt slightly duped when he was drawn into his 5
stone and 4 stones losses. Ofcourse it was great publicity for Zen to
beat Takemiya, but in the future Zen should make it "safe to lose" for
famous players, by first vanquishing young pros and/or inseis.


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