[Computer-go] Develop a client for KGS?

Dave Dyer ddyer at real-me.net
Sun Nov 18 19:35:53 PST 2012

I'm a little behind the time due to vacation, but I can offer
a few bits.

I'm pretty sure Bill is opposed to any attempt to create a third party
client for KGS, and has the capacity to enforce his wishes.

NNGS is pretty moribund, but I do have a working copy that I used
to run on boardspace.  You're welcomed to try to create an alternate
client for it, but I fear your efforts would be wasted, since a client
program without actual human clients would be pointless.

If you have some really cool ideas, you might pitch them directly to
WMS; who knows, he might like the ideas and either implement them himself
or delegate implementing them to you.

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