[Computer-go] Nice and Hyperthreading

Rémi Coulom Remi.Coulom at free.fr
Tue May 29 04:14:00 PDT 2012

Do you mean you have N real cores (so 2N hyperthreads), and run your program with N threads?

You might be able to disable hyperthreading in the BIOS to solve this problem.

I imagine that if you use 2N threads in your program, it should almost stop the clop experiment.


On 29 mai 2012, at 09:39, ds wrote:

> Hi,
> a little bit of topic, but I hope some of you had a simelar problem:
> Before the age of Hyperthreading (this was two weeks ago for me) I could
> run clop with a high nice value on my computer and run the kgs go
> program with usual value. This way I could use the computational power
> which is not needed to play to do my optimization of parameters.
> Now with Hyperthreading even niced processes harm the performance a lot.
> I understand, that this is a conceptional problem, as the operating
> system does not know that using virtual core 0 harms virtual core 4, but
> this knowledge does not help me:(
> Is this kind of usage really so unusual now, that there is no solution?
> Thanks a lot
> Detlef
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