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Correct scoring of arbitrary positions is very difficult because of the life
and death analysis required.  

You don't say if you want to score final positions from human games, or any
arbitrary positions during a game, or only positions that are finished under
CGOS or similar rules, where it is safe to assume that stones on the board
are alive.  

The last one is trivial to score.  The others are very difficult.  That's
why Monte carlo works so well, since it only tries to score trivial


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> Hi.
> I've been studying computer go for a while now, and would like to
> experiment on some ideas. I have one (well, in fact, two) big problem
> though : I can't figure out how to write a correct scoring procedure,
> which, I think, is linked to the problem of life and death.
> Could you give me some advices on readings on those subjects
> (especially deciding life and death), or some examples of well written
> codes on the same subject ?
> Thank you.
> \bye
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