[Computer-go] A Regression test set for exploring some limitations of current MCTS programs in Go

Aja Huang ajahuang at gmail.com
Wed May 16 20:12:34 PDT 2012

Hi Jacques,

We will appreciate very much if you could participate in our test. In the
specification of GTP, about the command 'loadsgf' it says

Board size and komi are set to the values given in the sgf file. Board
configuration, number of captured stones, and move history are found by
replaying the game record up to the position* before move_number *or until
the end if omitted.

So for the command

loadsgf sgf/seki/case1.sgf 4

The program should load the position of case1.sgf BEFORE move 4, not AFTER.
Just today some author found a bug of gogui-adapter and kindly reported to
me: gogui-adapter incorrectly loads the position AFTER move_number. Markus
has already fixed the bug for us, see


If you use gogui-adapter to translate 'loadsgf' for your program, please
download the newest version of gogui which is available at


Best regards,

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