[Computer-go] A Regression test set for exploring some limitations of current MCTS programs in Go

Jacques BasaldĂșa jacques at dybot.com
Wed May 16 12:53:53 PDT 2012

Hi Aja,


The testing program codes different problems in the same sgf file


like in:


loadsgf sgf/seki/case1.sgf 4 

14 genmove w

#? [B2|J3]


loadsgf sgf/seki/case1.sgf 6

16 genmove w

#? [B2]


If you ignore the move numbers, j3 is not even a legal move. Unfortunately,
move numbers hardly mean anything since the sgf file is not a game, but a
list of stones. Each program will translate that its own way and get
different move numbers, possibly alternating B,W,B,W.. or whatever.


I also, don't know what the numbers 4 and 6 mean at the end of the loadsgf


Can you please provide a list of the last moves played before the "genmove"
so we can verify that we are all analyzing the same position? Ideally, I
would prefer a simple sgf file without "tricks" representing the tested
position, but assuming that this position is reachable by just removing the
last move a number of times, I can produce the SGF file myself. I would be
happy to participate in your test.



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