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> So you mean that it plays suicide moves. I thought I had that covered

Sorry, it was my mistake. It is self-atari, not suicide.

> http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/SGF/2012/04/28/1933559.sgf

In this game, 112th move G5 was self-atari.


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>> So if understood this correctly: if stop "sees" that the opponent does
>> suicide moves, it should allow a resignation?
> I think if "Stop-cur" does not play suicide move over 7 stones,
> or filling eye move, his rating will be stable.
> For example, Stop lost his winning game by suicide.
> http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/SGF/2012/04/28/1933559.sgf

So you mean that it plays suicide moves. I thought I had that covered
because afaik suicide moves are not allowed. What I know by suicide
moves are placing at a spot where you would not have any freedoms.


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