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To be fair in commercial issues. For Android phone, Lauri Paatero published new AI and good SGF-editor called Hactar. The AI is server based so it needs an Internet connection to play.

For iPhone and iPad, top AI is Rémi's CrazyStone (called Champion Go). I have hard time to beat it. Champion Go is also available for Android.

However David's Smart Go Kifu is probably the best SGF-editor and viewer for iPad and iPhone. It also comes with rather good ManyFaces engine, but I have not tested the iPhone version. However iPad version is something that I can highly recommend and as a SGF-editor and viewer I doubt that there is even remotely as good SGF software available for iOS.


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On 23 Mar 2012, at 03:14, Jason House <jason.james.house at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to buy a go AI for my iPhone. I'm kgs 3k and am trying to figure out what my options are.  Which programs support which board sizes? How strong are they on those boards?
> A built in SGF viewer that can accept URL to load would be a nice bonus.
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