[Computer-go] Game 2 goes to Zen: 1-1

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Sun Jan 15 03:28:30 PST 2012

> Winning percents for White, as seen by "Many Faces of Go"
> http://www.althofer.de/zen-tromp-02-percents.jpg
> Territory estimates for White, as seen by ManyFaces
> http://www.althofer.de/zen-tromp-02-territory.jpg

Ingo, Thanks for posting these charts, I think they are very interesting.

David, what is the territory chart saying? Is it based on playouts (i.e.
based on terminal positions), or is it counting the current board
position (i.e. as if both players were to pass)?

(The territory charts says 15pts to black, with 52-55% to white at
around move 45; then says 40pts to white, with about 52% to white at
move 80.)


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