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Stefan Kaitschick stefan.kaitschick at hamburg.de
Fri Jan 13 04:23:49 PST 2012

In the info for Zen19N it still says "Mac Pro 8 core".
Is the info outdated, or will the hardware be upgraded for the match?


On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 2:19 AM, Darren Cook <darren at dcook.org> wrote:

> > Just returned from a visit to KGS where Zen seems to have struggled a
> > bit in recent games. Maybe they're testing out some new ideas? The 9:55
> > game against vicmorrow stands out.
> Zen19N is the hardware configuration to be used in the GoBet II match,
> starting Saturday (or Friday evening if you are in the U.S.); hardware
> is described at http://dcook.org/gobet/
> It is half the number of cores of Zen19S and Zen19D (12 4.2Ghz cores,
> versus 24 cores of differing speeds on three machines). That account was
> previously used by an 8-core Mac Pro (*)
> So, we expected its speed to be roughly halfway between its previous
> existence and Zen19S. (Which shouldn't matter much, maybe half a dan rank.)
> It seems to have bounced back from the vicmorrow loss. Perhaps John can
> learn something from that game ;-)
> BTW, I realized yesterday, with no personal involvement, I am rooting
> for both players! The voting also has no clear consensus (well, other
> than that 57% of people think it will be 3-1 to *someone*).
> Darren
> *: Why does the KGS rank chart show lots of wobbles in Nov/Dec 2011,
> when this account did not play between Nov 17th and Jan 13th? It seems
> to have jumped slightly more than one full rank in strength.
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