[Computer-go] CrazyStone in the 5-dan footsteps of Zen

Rémi Coulom Remi.Coulom at free.fr
Sun Jan 8 14:04:06 PST 2012

On 8 janv. 2012, at 20:45, Jouni Valkonen wrote:
> oh, Zen is drifting more than I expect, when old games are dropping. It did not look like getting into 6d when she played actively in November. I guess that I already lost the bet. Is it ok, that I pay the bet as buying CS for iPad2? It is only €5.99, so after reducing Apple's share and taxes, it may be a little less than 5 euros for you. 

You have not lost already, but yes, if you lose, it is OK :-)

I believe the main reason for the recent drift is the un-rating of the sandbagger. Also, the mid-december drift was caused by BOTHater36 playing humans:

The most efficient way to improve one's rank on KGS is to stop playing.


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