[Computer-go] CrazyStone in the 5-dan footsteps of Zen

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Mon Jan 2 23:42:31 PST 2012

On 02.01.2012 23:47, David Fotland wrote:
 > 15 seconds is
> pretty reasonable for a quick game, and 9 periods allows a couple of long
> thinks.

LOL. Long thinks means allowing for 30 minutes of difficult LD solving!

"reasonable for a quick game" is too imprecise. It is only a special 
type of quick game: online byoyomi only style. E.g., real world sudden 
death quick games have a very different nature.

Reasonable? As long as a player does not know when he going to play 
(because he has to participate in the game match accepting click war), 
he suffers from the psychological disadvantage of suddenly being 
involved in a game.

Humans make blunders in byoyomi only games. I do not know how many but 
it is quite some number. I also do not know how many blunders computers 
make. One thing I do know: In a real world game with long thinking 
times, the 5d+ human's blunder rate per game is below 1 move on average. 
IOW, you cannot compare online byoyomi games with human long thinking 
time games at all. It is not as bad as Nihon Kiin certificates for 
programs but almost as bad to set computer-friendly conditions all the 
time. Have the courage to compete under human conditions! Enter human 

robert jasiek

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