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An International Go Symposium, with Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari as the
keynote speaker, will take place August 4th and 5th 2012. The conference,
sponsored by the International Go Federation and the American Go
Association, will be held at the beginning of the U.S. Go Congress in Black
Mountain, North Carolina. Presentations can include educational, cultural,
historical, literary, artistic, scientific and other interesting aspects of
the game. Depending on the number and nature of the talks, suggested timing
is a half-hour presentation with a 15 minute question and answer period.
Translators and editing can be provided and additional opportunities for
questions and answers afterwards will be available.

For those unable to attend, we will augment the usual methods of presenting
papers by using Skype and possibly other Internet forms of communication
that would enable audience participation. To alleviate problems with the
differences in international times, we may also include pre-prepared talks
on DVDs or with other pre-recorded means. Pending the amounts of
sponsorship and costs, honorariums may be offered.

 For those who wish to publish, presentations can be included in an
e-publication connected with the American Go Association web site and
e-Journal (www.usgo.org). Publication in other forms will be allowed.
Another change from the usual proceedings of a conference is that (again
for those who wish to) papers and presentations can be put up before the
Symposium on our website. This will enable better audience participation
and the ability to include more than what is possible during the talk.

 Please contact: Peter Shotwell  pshotwell at gmail.com

 For reference, the website for the Symposium is at
www.gosymposium.orgwhere participants and their subjects will be
listed. The records of a
similar 2003 ICOB Conference in Korea is at
www.usgo.org/yearbook/2003ICOB.html, while a Symposium in Sweden during the
2008 European Go Congress is at http://egc2008.eu/en/events/symposium.php.
The beta site for the US Congress is at http://www.gocongress.org and it
will be completed shortly. For ideas and reference, research papers in
these fields can be found at www.usgo.org/bobhighlibrary.

 We are also looking for more sponsorship and would appreciate any
suggestions. To help organize things as soon as possible, please write to
the contact above soon about projected topics. More than one presentation
is also possible. Those who have contacted the organizers before, please do
so again to affirm your intention.
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