[Computer-go] KGS Rating Drift

ds ds2 at physik.de
Wed Feb 29 06:24:26 PST 2012

This is an interesting observation. They even drift without playing
(NiceGo played last time on 18.2. and increased half a rank since


Am Mittwoch, den 29.02.2012, 15:12 +0100 schrieb Petr Baudis: 
> Hi!
>   Just a word of warning - in the last two or three weeks, all ranks
> on KGS (at least ranks of all programs) started experiencing a strong
> upwards rating drift (by up to half a rank so far), so be careful about
> misinterpreting impact of any recent changes if you use KGS rating for
> evaluation.
>   P.S.: I have warned the admins about this but got no reply so far.
> Perhaps to limit abuse, it would be wise to rate-limit impact of games
> against programs on rating to two games per week for each user (in some
> smart stochastic way).
>   Happy coding,

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