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Thu Feb 16 21:26:23 PST 2012

Hi Aja,

>Surprised that Pachi's ladder code can't detect common second line 
like this:
I forgot to mention I was referring to the last stable version (9.01) which was released more than 3month ago.
Things might be different now.

>But note in certain tactical 
it’s good to ladder-extend from the second line:
I never really dare to forbid them, just biasing the search tree a little or effecting the playouts.
I can think of other ways of causing shortage of liberties and tsumego cases.
Maybe when the program is slow enough, such checks can be added and extending moves like that can be truly forbidden.
And of course another check would be needed to determine if it should be allowed when fighting ko.
However, I believe (without data) that there are much more easier elos else where.

And to Petr,
Those were just the major things I noticed right the way about Pachi that i think would be useful, 
I didn't 
want to list the minor things as the list seemed too long already.

However, feel free to ask (for others as well) about more details or other things related to go bots.
Most of you probably know better than I do, but I would tell you what I know.


p.s Sorry Aja, I accidentally responded to your e-mail instead of the mailing list the first time.
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