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Xaryl C xaryl at hotmail.de
Tue Feb 14 08:11:01 PST 2012

First of all, sorry for creating a new thread. 
I wasn't on the mailing list, and wasn't sure how to respond to a thread without the original mail.
Also sorry that I wasn't aware of the discussion until now.

I am the one responsible for the bot. I started coding a go bot when school was boring, that was when classical bots prevailed. 
Then life got busy, I tried MC, made some nice progress in terms of strength, but never even got the chance to properly debug the multi threading codes.

Then sometime ago, Minirock (the player) wanted to have a bot, so I hackishly glued (with macros and mass code replacing with scripts) and replaced the playout codes and search distribution along with tactical reading codes and pattern matchers onto Pachi's codes.

Essentially, it is a bot with "borrowed" codes bloated with codes for classical bots organized in a way that would give computer science teachers heart attacks.
The future is uncertain, I might or might not spend much time on it after resolving the serious bugs.

It was mostly just for fun, and I didn't realize a weak random bot would caught attention.
But hey, hi everyone, nice to meet you all and sorry for the trouble I caused.


p.s. I don't speak much German, but I will admit that I find the name Minirock a bit funny, 
so I guess that would be the bot's name from now on.
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