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Jonathan Chetwynd j.chetwynd at btinternet.com
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the web is excellent for dissemination, discoverability and  

if each parser is different each viewer must necessarily have code for  
each supported, see browser wars that led to web standards

SGF has rather limited metadata, JGF could standardise at least part  
of this...
examples might include:
Location: ie GPS or similar
Timing of moves see javascript date object
many already have a standard format

in respect of GTP, ie game developers communicating with front-end  
developers and players,
It could be hoped that novel visualisations might develop  
understanding of core developer concepts,
both helping developers and the wider public, see my MCTS  
visualisations elsewhere

HTTP websockets use JSON natively to communicate across the internet  
via port 80 ie web, so there is almost literally no wrapper ie {move:  
C4} is sufficient if not standard
a standard would allow developers to match their bots against  
opponents via any web Go server.
http://www.peepo.com hosts a minimal development non-standard  

finding resources is problematical, SVG was only recently supported by  
Google and results remain patchy
it seems unlikely that SGF would ever be supported directly, however  
JSON may already be?

almost all current mobile platforms support current web standards,  
hence peepo.com functions on the Kindle e-Reader.

engaging communities involved in web standards, such as W3C Game  
Community in the process of creating a standard, whether rubber  
stamping, contributing or editing may be beneficial:

kind regards


On 18 Aug 2012, at 08:18, Dave Dyer wrote:

>> However the output does not conform to, or provide the benefits  
>> that a
>> new JSON Game Format would offer.
> What are those?
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