[Computer-go] An unusual seki

Thomas Wolf twolf at brocku.ca
Thu Aug 16 09:39:49 PDT 2012

This type of seki where each chain has exactly 2 liberties is called
'basic seki' in http://lie.math.brocku.ca/twolf/papers/seki.pdf .
It has a linear topology and the encoding
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On Wed, 15 Aug 2012, Nick Wedd wrote:

> Yesterday, a KGS game between Blubbel 3d and AyaBot4 2k, SGF file
> below, ended with an unusual kind of seki.  AyaBot4 marked its
> opponent's stones in the seki as dead, and was eventually booted
> by an admin for mis-marking stones (as a way of getting the game
> to end).  As all eleven AyaBots use the same IP address, they all
> got booted - and an hour later, all simultaneously tried to log in again.
> I mention this, both to explain to Hiroshi what happened to his
> bots, and because it is an interesting seki, of I type I had never
> seen before.
> Nick

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