[Computer-go] Congratulations to Zen!

Erik van der Werf erikvanderwerf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 05:35:08 PDT 2012

Indeed Steenvreter wasn't running on Pachi's hardware. As in other recent
tournaments I used an Opteron system with 46 threads at 2.2 Ghz. It's not
as powerful as Zen's minicluster, but at least it gets a bit closer than
using that (single cpu) i7 machine.

Regarding the komi; to me it has been quite clear for a long time that 7.5
is too high for the 9x9 board. In my mind the issue was already settled in
2008 (at least from what I remember talking about it with David and some
other guys in Beijing), but somehow it still took a surprisingly long time
to settle in. (BTW I suspect 7.5 komi to be too high for all larger boards,
because I see no obvious reason why komi would start increasing again with
board size).

Anyway, 7.0 might be fair, but if it's still too high then 6.5 and 5.5
probably won't make much difference under Chinese rules.

Is anyone (besides me) willing to take the next step in Computer Go
evolution: Japanese style rules, territory scoring + 6.5 komi. Because of
the nearly-doubled resolution in likely possible scores it might keep 9x9
Go interesting for some more time to come (and perhaps even give Nick a
chance again to make some comments on the games ;-)).


On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 12:25 PM, ds <ds2 at physik.de> wrote:

> Thanks a lot!! great tournament.
> stv was probably not running pachi (as you wrote in the hardware
> section:) As far as I know he runs on i7-3930..
> Detlef
> Am Montag, den 13.08.2012, 11:11 +0100 schrieb Nick Wedd:
> > Congratulations to Zen, winner of yesterday's bot tournament!
> >
> > My (very short) report is at
> > http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/past/85/index.html
> > As usual, I hope you will send me your corrections and comments.
> >
> > (One of you has already suggested that I use "points" instead of "wins"
> > as a column header in the cross-table, because a jigo counts as half a
> > point. But I prefer "wins" - I consider that a jigo is half a win, and
> > there are many things (such as SOS) which could be described as points.)
> >
> > Nick
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