[Computer-go] Kas Cup - results and prizes

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Sat Aug 11 00:52:12 PDT 2012

Yes, root parallelization with some sharing.
http://www.personeel.unimaas.nl/G-Chaslot/papers/parallelMCTS.pdf said it
was good and I tried it and it works well.

Hardware is really important.  But so are really smart playouts.  The slower
I make my playouts the stronger the program gets.


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> > Or it might be an artifact of the way I do search, since I think I
> > might be the only engine that doesn't use a single shared tree, and
> > the old Many Faces of Go engine is single threaded.
> If not a single shared tree, what are you doing? Root parallelism?
> I've been wondering why other programs are pulling ahead of Orego, and
> now I'm starting to suspect the answer may be (in part) "hardware".
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