[Computer-go] 50k-100k patterns

David Doshay ddoshay at mac.com
Fri Aug 10 08:43:39 PDT 2012

Lance Kemper is an amateur 5 or 6 Dan and a popular SF Bay area Go
teacher. He was a strong chess player before he discovered Go. He says:

	I became aware of Go at 19, and it was probably a year before I played a 
	game. So probably 20 when I finally understood ko and became addicted.

David G Doshay

ddoshay at mac.com

On 9, Aug 2012, at 5:39 PM, Darren Cook wrote:

>> If it was just putting in time,
>> someone 20 years old should be able to get close to 9-dan by age 30.
>> But this has never happened. And I don't know of a single person who
>> started at age 30 or later who reached amateur 5-dan. It's even very
>> rare for someone starting at 20 to reach 5 dan.
> Great point. Part of me is going "surely there must be", and the other
> part is coming up blank.

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