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Xavier Combelle xavier.combelle at free.fr
Wed Aug 8 08:52:48 PDT 2012

Le 07/08/2012 22:17, Sebastian Scheib a écrit :
> I am starting to write a go engine, I tried in the past and failed 
> (lack of time, and other problems). Now I will restart the project, I 
> have some ideas about how I will write it (this time in Java).
> Do you know of any good page or papers on the internet that can help 
> me to have a better idea?
> Thanks, and sorry for my horrible english.
> This body part will be downloaded on demand.
To speak about the basics you should do a gtp engine as explained here 
http://senseis.xmp.net/?TesujiGoFramework%2FGoTextProtocol (I saw an 
engine which don't do and it's a painful experience)

next you chose a board representation

next you has to implement an engine which generate a random legal move

next you can do a more clever engine as a monte carlo one  using UCT as 
explained here

next you can do something more clever, but it is further than where is 
my bot

a good explanation about modern implementing go software is here 

it is based on pachi a free software engine which can be found here 

(it is in c but can give you good ideas)
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