[Computer-go] Kaś Cup - results and prizes

Hiroshi Yamashita yss at bd.mbn.or.jp
Mon Aug 6 17:49:26 PDT 2012

Thank you for Kaś Cup.

Aya used i7 980X 3.3GHz 6 cores + HT, and I used 4 threads.
Aya used dynamic komi and no resign. Aya usually stops dynamic
 komi around move 220th, but did not stop in this tournament.
On this condition, Aya is 40 elo weaker against GnuGo.
Dynamic komi is calculated from moving average latest 4 moves.

In pachi - Aya, Aya won 22.5 pt, but missed a chance to win 38.5 pt.
I think simple dynamic komi is not so good for maximize score.

Aya's dynamic komi.

Hiroshi Yamashita

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Kaś Cup has finished with only one game ending with scoring.non-resign.
Here are the results:

Round 1.
  Aya : Zen -50 : 50
  Many Faces : Pachi 2.5 : -2.5

Round 2.
  Zen : Many Faces 50 : -50
  Aya : Pachi 50 : -50

Round 3.
  Zen : Pachi 50 : -50
  Aya : Many Faces 50 : -50

Total scores:
  Zen 150 100$
  Aya 50  60$
  Many Faces -97.5 40$
  Pachi -102.5

  Zen 100$
  Aya  60$
  Many Faces 40$

Notably at least one game (Round 2 Aya : Pachi) ended with premature
resignation at final position.

Program authors / operators, please state in this thread the hardware used.
If you wish, tell us whether and how you modified your programs.

Winners, please write me how can I award you the prizes. (PayPal?)

Congratulations to the winners!
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