[Computer-go] IEEE T-CIAIG Paper Categories

Lucas, Simon M sml at essex.ac.uk
Fri Sep 23 07:46:31 PDT 2011

 IEEE T-CIAIG has published many papers on Go and MCTS etc.

 Please note that the journal now also considers letters and short papers
 in addition to full papers:

Letters typically comment on existing papers but may also present new research where the result may be concisely described.  Letters are limited to 3 pages in the journal’s two column format.

Short papers report sufficiently interesting new theories and/or developments/results/simulations/experiments on previously published work in the area.
Short papers are limited to 6 pages in the journal’s two column format.

Full papers may be research articles, surveys, or tutorials.  They are archival quality papers making a significant contribution to the field.  Most full papers are up to 12 pages long, but this is not a strict limit and may be exceeded where justified.

Best wishes,

  Simon Lucas
  (IEEE T-CIAIG Editor-in-Chief)

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