[Computer-go] Fuego standard opponent on CGOS

Brian Sheppard sheppardco at aol.com
Thu Sep 1 08:50:28 PDT 2011

I am running six Fuego instances (and four Mogo instances) concurrently from the same directory with no problems. Of course, an intermittent crash might not have revealed itself yet.


There is a difference in how I have written the batch files, though. Perhaps that is relevant. I wanted to start/stop each program individually, and I noticed that several loops can be eliminated in that case. The code is simpler, and can be simplified further by making the engine name into a parameter.


Actually, everything above the :LOOP statement is only present for initialization.


@echo off


set portNumber=6867

set size=9


set sgfFiles=*.sgf

set kll=q%size%

set suffixFile=suffix.txt

set passwordFile=password.txt

set engine=Fuego0.4.1-300


:: Delete any old .SGFs

if exist %sgfFiles% (

    del %sgfFiles%



:: Initialise suffix if not already present

if not exist %suffixFile% (

    echo Suffix and password not yet set

    set /p passwd="Enter Password: "

    set /p suffix="Enter Suffix (single character): "




if not exist %suffixFile% (

    echo Password set to %passwd%

    echo %passwd% > %passwordFile%

    echo %suffix% > %suffixFile%

    echo If suffix %sfx% is already in use, login will fail

    echo If so, to change suffix, edit %suffixFile%




:: Ensure suffix and password files only have one entry (discards all but last line)

for /f %%P in (%passwordFile%) do (

    echo %%P > %passwordFile%


for /f %%S in (%suffixFile%) do (

    echo %%S > %suffixFile%



:: Write the config files

for /f %%P in (%passwordFile%) do (

:: Read in suffix

for /f %%S in (%suffixFile%) do (

    :: Check config file is present

    if not exist %engine%_%size%.txt (

        echo ERROR: Launch command file "%engine%_%size%.txt" is missing, skipping _%engine%_%%S


    ) else (

        echo %%section server > _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        echo     server cgos.boardspace.net >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        echo     port %portNumber% >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        echo. >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        echo %%section player >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        echo      name      _%engine%,%%S >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        echo      password  %%P >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        type %engine%_%size%.txt >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg

        echo      priority 10 >> _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg






for /f %%S in (%suffixFile%) do (

    :: Create quit file so that engine stops after one run

    copy %engine%_%size%.txt %kll%_%engine%_%%S.%kll% > nul

    echo starting _%engine%_%%S

    echo To Shutdown Engines: Close this window. Engines will quit after game.


    :: Use /belownormal priority, so the system UI remains responsive even at peak loads.

    :: Use /B to avoid creating a new window for the process.


    start /B /BELOWNORMAL /wait "_%engine%_%%S_ %size%x%size%" tclkitsh cgosGtp.kit -c _%engine%_%%S_%size%.cfg -k %kll%_%engine%_%%S.%kll%



echo All engines have completed their games, restarting...

goto LOOP


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I played around a little and have the "heavy" versions working, or so it seems from watching things go for about an hour. But I failed to add the low playout count Fuego instances to the "lite" pack. I added 300, 1k, and 3k versions the same way I added the others to the "heavy" pack and they all start, but as soon as they have to make their first move they crash. The issue may be that all three are running in the same directory or they may be missing a file (although I think I copied everything that seems even potentially relevant). This caused a few games ending in losses on time. I subsequently removed the lite-Fuego instances. I could add them to the "heavy" pool, but that would dilute it too much, as the "heavy" script runs them on- by-one instead of in parallel.



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