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Hello All,






An International Go Symposium will take place August 3rd and 4th, 2012 at
the beginning of the U.S. Go Congress in Black Mountain, North Carolina.
Presentations can include educational, cultural, historical, literary,
artistic and scientific aspects of the game. Depending on the number and
nature of the talks, suggested timing is a half-hour presentation with a 15
minute question and answer period.  Additional opportunities for questions
and answers afterwards will be available. Translators can be provided.

We are exploring the idea of expanding the usual opportunities to present
papers at go conferences to include talks via Skype with a large screen and
audience participation along with oral or texting possibilities for extended
questions and answers via the Internet. And to alleviate problems with the
differences in times, we are also thinking about including talks on DVDs or
with other pre-recorded means. Much of this will depend on the number and
quality of papers and the amount of sponsorship, so please indicate whether
you could attend with or without partial travel expenses or if you would be
interested in giving a talk via Skype or pre-recordings.

 For those who wish to publish, papers can be included in an e-publication
connected with the American Go Association web site and e-Journal (
www.usgo.org). Another change from the usual proceedings of a conference is
that (again for those who wish to) papers will be put up before the
Symposium which will enable better audience participation and the ability to
write more than is possible to include in the talk.

 Please contact: Peter Shotwell  pshotwell at gmail.com

 For reference, the beta website for the Symposium is at
http://www.gosymposium.org/  and the records of a similar ICOB Conference in
2003 is at http://www.usgo.org/yearbook/2003ICOB.html,  while a 2008
Symposium in Sweden is at http://egc2008.eu/en/events/symposium.php.

 We are currently reviewing our opportunities and options for sponsorship
and would appreciate any suggestions.

 *If you wrote me last spring, please do so again to let me know that you
are still interestedand that there were no miscommunications.*
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