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Jacques BasaldĂșa jacques at dybot.com
Tue Oct 25 04:30:52 PDT 2011

What you wrote sounds like you re-discovered the importance of progressive
widening PW ;-)


(See:  Coulom, Computing Elo Ratings of Move Patterns in the Game of Go,
4.2 Progressive 

Widening of the Monte-Carlo Search Tree)


In 19x19 when I implemented (about 1 year ago) RAVE a progressive widening I
had the first 

wins against gnugo in 19x19 (I had some 9x9 wins before). But the reason PW
is so good is 

somewhat different when you combine it with RAVE:


When the node has few visits, you only explore (say) 3 moves and those moves
are the 3 best 

moves according to some a-priori heuristic, but when you widen the tree, you
do NOT include 

the 4th move according to the same criterion, but the best non-explored RAVE
candidate. Only 

3 nodes are considered for UCT (in the beginning, of course) but ALL nodes
get RAVE updates. 

And these RAVE updates are specific for the path in the tree leading to the
node. So all non 

explored nodes get high quality RAVE information and when you widen the tree
the 4th 

candidate is a good move for whole board position represented by the node.


The way I implemented PW for the first time is the formula by Hiroshi
Yamashita (below)





(I copy/paste from my notes. It is somewhere in the list.)





(1 - beta) * (win_rate + 0.31 * sqrt( ln(parent_visits) / child_visits)) +
beta (rave_win_rate *  0.31 * sqrt(

ln(rave_parent_visits) / rave_child_visits))


beta = sqrt(100 / (3 * child_visits + 100));


Aya uses Progressive Widening. High order N moves are only considerd.


PW_sort_N = ln(parent_visits/ 40.0) / ln(1.4) +2;


Moves are sorted sometimes by rave value, Criticality, and MC owners.


I also would like to know how to count rave.


UCT searches B(E5),W(D3),B(C5),W(F7), and in this position, playout searches

 B(E7),W(E8),B(D8),W(F8),B(D7).. Black win.


In W(D3) positions, Aya updates RAVE and UCT,

Updates  C5(UCT)

Updates  C5(RAVE)

Updates  E7(RAVE)

Updates  D8(RAVE)

Updates  D7(RAVE)


I think "Updates C5(RAVE)" is strange, but I could not get good result
without this.


Hiroshi Yamashita



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