[Computer-go] a pro game which is computer-unreadable

Olivier Teytaud olivier.teytaud at lri.fr
Tue Nov 29 22:35:15 PST 2011

sorry for taking some of your time with non-technical long-term AI/GO
but if sometimes you find Go fascinating you might like the video below :-)

As many of you I guess, I've spent time trying to design some sort of
learning in MCTS, so that
monte-carlo simulations would be "adaptive" to the current situation. This
idea looks like a very
natural solution to the problems we have for reaching human top-level.

I've met this incredible game; I'm not a Go player, but like many
not-so-strong players at first view the moves by black
look like a big mistake (misunderstood ladder):
In fact, it's (as far as I see...) a very clever idea by black (Lee Sedol,
pro player), in spite of the fact that it's a failed ladder.


We tried various things for having machine learning in MCTS:
   - Contextual Monte-Carlo for online learning simulations:
   - poolRave (using RAVE values in simulations):
   - Bernstein Races for offline learning patterns
    (a synthesis of these papers in http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00544758/ )
and many of you have published related stuff;
but when a computer will be able to understand a situation as the game
above, it will be very impressive to me :-)
Go looks like a combination between feeling and mathematical reasoning. One
day the people of the Go-sect will convince
me that this game has something really special :-)

In particular, my feeling is that a 10kyu can not play this pro game, but a
10-kyu can understand a posteriori. It's difficult the discuss
the possibility for a computer to understand a posteriori, but with a
little bit of provocation from this point of view computers
are not yet 10-key  :-)

Best regards,
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