[Computer-go] New Book: Capturing Races 1

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Fri Nov 25 01:37:00 PST 2011

My new book Capturing Races 1
can be of interest for people in computer go for mainly these reasons:

1) It is essential reading for expert system programmers or those 
wishing to understand some of the Go theory knowledge they rely on. The 
book invents a complete classification of semeais with two basic groups, 
that is semeais without kos, without approach defects and with carefully 
described border conditions. You'll find all the necessary definitions 
of terms (from 'semeai eye' via 'stable' to 'semeai class 1'), 
assumptions of the cases, principles for their outcomes and a new, now 
well designed 'semeai formula'. Although, in comparison to earlier 
research articles or books, it is a great advancement of basic semeai 
theory (e.g., the 'strong' eyes of classes 1 to 6 do not restrict 
themselves to a 'plain liberty' requirement), only later volumes will 
solve move order and (endgame) values (and attack the more advanced 
topics of kos and approach defects).

2) The book's contents makes an essential conribution to - what in some 
centuries might become - a complete human reasoning solution of Go and 
its theory. While Wolf, Müller et al prefer to create computer 
understable solutions of semeai theory with tricks for calculation time 
or huge databases, my static status assessment results are suitable also 
for the human players and their improvement in playing strength.

robert jasiek

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