[Computer-go] Congratulations to pachi!

ajahuang ajahuang at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 09:20:00 PST 2011

Hi Nick,

1. Fuego was running on a cluster of 10x8-core. Cores are running at 3.00
2. In round 10, it was Fuego killed Aya's group and Aya resigned.


2011/11/19 Nick Wedd <nick at maproom.co.uk>

> Congratulations to pachi, winner of last Sunday's 13x13 KGS bot
> tournament, one point ahead of Erica!
> My report is at http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/**past/77/index.html<http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/past/77/index.html>
> I oversaw the tournament from a laptop while on holiday, so I took few
> notes, and the report is quite short.  Nevertheless, I expect it has errors
> in it, and I hope you will report them to me as usual.
> Nick
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