[Computer-go] level of MCTS programs depending on the number of sims in 9x9 (unlimited time setting for humans)

Olivier Teytaud olivier.teytaud at lri.fr
Thu Nov 17 20:11:16 PST 2011

Does anyone roughly know the level of a MCTS program in 9x9 depending on
the number of simulations per move ?

I know there are plenty of drawbacks to any such correspondence, that it
depends on your style, on the time settings (I here assume the human has
very long time...) and so on,
but any rough estimate would be better than nothing :-)

I would roughly say:
500 simulations = KGS 10 kyu
3 000 simulations = 5 kyu
15 000 simulations = KGS 1 Dan
3 000 000 simulations = pro level

...but I have no clear idea of this :-)

(please don't spend too much time on the 1000 reasons for which such a
correspondance does not make too much sense,
we all know it :-) )

Best regards,
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