[Computer-go] inexpensive interface with gtp server?

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Tue May 31 11:16:38 PDT 2011

Hello David,

thank you for bringing up this topic.
I think, time is really ripe for the go community
to get such an interface.

> Question:  Many Faces has a nice interface 

A VERY nice one, in my opinion.

> and can be a gtp server for one or two programs.  Would there be a 
> market for just the interface, for people who want to use multiple go
> engines, 

I would buy it immediately. 

And then I would start nerving Remi, Yamato San, GianCarlo Pascutto,
Frank Karger and ... until their babies would be available for it  ;-)

It would be nice when the interface would allow unattended series of
(test) games between two engines.

> It would be easy for me to enable the gtp server interface in the free
> trial
> download, or I could charge some nominal amount for a version with the GTP
> interface, some of the analysis options, but no strong MFGO engine
> (perhaps $19).

In chess the ChessBase company did a medium approach: They are also developing
and selling the Fritz engines. Several years ago, when Fritz8 was the current
version, they offered a semi-cheap interface which included Fritz5 and some
other free engines as a starting stock for the user.

An analogon for a ManyFaces-based platform might be a semi-cheap program
(perhaps $39 ?), including ManyFaces11.000 and perhaps Leela0.316 and/or 
some other bots for 9x9 or 13x13 only.

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