[Computer-go] OT: build vs. built

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Tue May 10 10:26:46 PDT 2011

If Peter (the original author) intended to type the word "built" then that should be considered the correct version.

I wish to point out, however, that the noun "build" is used for hardware as well as software.  It means the manifestation of a particular configuration of components.  I have always heard it with an adjective (e.g. "My latest AMD build").

It probably stems from definition 10 of "build" here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/build

build - noun 10. the manner or form of construction: The house was of modern build.

In the case of Peter's sentence, if "cluster" is a noun then the verb "built" should be used, but if "cluster" is an adjective then it should be the noun "built".  Either combination is potentially grammatically correct.


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It should be "built". The funny thing is that I've been cutting and pasting this description for the last several tournaments, and nobody has spotted the typo before.

Peter Drake

On May 10, 2011, at 4:17 AM, Darren Cook wrote:

>>>> Orego, probably running on one of the five nodes of a custom Linux
>>>> cluster build by PSSC Labs: ...
>>>            ^^^^^ built?
>> I'm not sure about that.
>> If someone downloads the source files for GNU Go, and runs "build" on
>> his system, I would say "he has done a build", and I would call the
>> resulting executable "a build of GNU Go".  I don't know if this usage is
>> also normal for hardware clusters - I would say that the physical
>> cluster was "built by PSSC Labs", but there must be software involved to
>> get them to talk to each other, and I might say that this software was
>> "a build by PSSC Labs".
> Hello Nick, Hideki,
> A lovely ambiguous sentence! "build" if you intended it to be a noun (a
> build of something, (done) by someone), "built" if you intended it to be
> a verb ("a something (that was) built by someone"). Perhaps a comma
> after "build" would make it clear you intended it as a noun.
> However, I couldn't find a single dictionary (*) using "build" as a noun
> for anything except the meaning of physique. Can anyone find one?
> I think the software meaning of "build" (i.e. the resulting software
> from the process of compiling and linking a program) is
> well-established. But I'm at a loss to know if hardware installations
> would also be referred to as a build.
> Darren
> *: Yes, not even my own MLSN (http://dcook.org/mlsn/) project :-)
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