[Computer-go] scalability study

Don Dailey dailey.don at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 15:11:12 PDT 2011

> Unfortunatelly again, all of my pcs are busy for my research
> work/experiments in this year or more (perhaps, until I'll finish my
> thesis).

If we do a study it won't be dependent on any particular computer,  it will
be a big group effort and we should only use programs that are available on
all the target machines.

It will be very easy to manage if it's done via ssh to remote linux
computers.  It's also possible to set up remote ssh on windows,  but I have
no idea how to do that and don't want to get into it unless someone else is
willing to take the lead on this.   Stuff like this is always hard in
Windows and easy on Unix.

What are the best 2 programs that are freely available for such a study
(that we do not have to pay for) so that we can get some people willing to
give me an account on their machine?

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