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On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 2:58 PM, Matthew Woodcraft
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> Don Dailey wrote:
> > The concept I'm trying to refute isn't whether some particular program is
> > not scaling but the concept that "MCTS don't scale", as if the whole
> concept
> > is seriously broken.
> I think you would have done better to try to refute that concept by
> following up to a message in which someone was expressing it, instead of
> following up to Hideki's message in which he said nothing of the sort.

Here is what he said:

That's simple (at least I think).  The scaling law converges at some
point where the speed (or more thinking time) benefits little.  Zen19D
already reached that point and Zen19S's rank is lower than Zen19D's.

Maybe I misunderstood, but he talked about the "scaling law converging at
some point"  which sounds like a "law" (that is applied uniformly) and then,
  "Zen19D already reached that point"   which sounds to me like he was
complimenting Zen on being so strong it has reached the limits of the "law
of scalability" already.

If I misunderstood it's because he didn't express himself very clearly.

> I wouldn't normally bother mentioning it, but I think your message was
> rather rude (particularly the "I'm trying to save you from looking
> stupid in 10 years" part).

Ok,  this was a rude on my part and I apologize.   I could have been a bit
more delicate for sure.

Sometimes you have to tell someone they have body odor as a kindness, even
though you KNOW it's not going to go over too well.   This was given in that
spirit - I AM trying to get people to stop saying these things that make
them look naive now so that people won't reflect on this in a few years and
laugh at.     I'll bet Bill Gates wished he been warned when he said,  "640K
ought to be enough for anybody" although he denies saying that.    Would it
have been cruel,  or kind  to tell Gates that he is going to sound stupid
later if he says that now?


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