[Computer-go] another Shodan Challenge?

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Hi Jouni and Willemien,

I would glad to see Zen or CrazyStone challenges Liisa, currently rated 1d 
in KGS and might be 2d in slower games.

About Fischer timing, if I understand correctly, it is not used in any Go 
tournament in the world. I wonder why not simply use sudden death with a 
fixed amount of time, say 1 hour?


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yes, i have played crazystone. Although Crazystone is good Zen is
still superior compared to Crazystone. Currently Zen and Crazystone
are both strong enough to challenge me, because they beat me at blitz.
Perhaps also Erica although I have not played much with her. At least
if they have powerful cluster for doing calculations.

About the ingo's questions.

Rule set does not matter, but I prefer 6 point komi. Fischer timing is
currently the new standard of go tournament timings so therefore it is

Initially I thought that the fair game is local hardware, but since
gobot's are gaining huge advantage by playing on cluster not to
mention super computers, I will accept remote hardware if there are
good reasons, that gobot program is bind to the unique hardware. E.g.
Pachi's distributive calculations. Although naturally I must be
convinced that there is no human assisted algorithm playing. Garry
Kasparov is one of my idols so I know when humans are meddling with
the algorithm^^


ps. i failed to join the mailing list, so you can either tell me how
to do it or forward this mail to the mailing list.

2011/6/14 Willemien <wilemien at gmail.com>:
> Emails i received after posting your challenge.
> Ps have you tried the new Crazy stone?
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> Thanks to Willemien to bring up this information.
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>> on http://www.suomigo.net/wiki/JouniValkonen
>> There is another challenge:
>> X-Prize#
>> If someone makes a gobot that wins me on best of 5 match (80 40
>> fischer), I will pay for the programmer €1000 X-prize. Prize will be
>> in effect for the next 2000 years or when the winner of the
>> competition has been found. Challenges can be played during European
>> Go Congress, but I accept them only after successful preliminaries
>> played on rapid time settings at KGS.
>> ...
> Some questions and comments from my side:
> * which rules: chinese?
> * "best of five" is clear for me, but what means "80 40 fischer"?
> Is it 80 minutes base time + 40 seconds increment for each move played?
> * Will the bot be allowed to play with remote hardware?
> * European Go Congress 2011 is in Bordeaux:
> July 23 to August 06. There is a very strong french bot around.
> Remi might find sponsors who back him with 1,000 Euro.
> * European Go Congress 2012 will be in Bonn (Germany):
> July 21 to August 04. There should be German sponsors to
> back a programmer with 1,000 Euro.
> * Which account is Jouni on KGS now?
> Ingo.
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